Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Soul soaking sunny Sunday

pruniers scones

Sunday afternoon was filled with Spring sunshine, soft soothing melodic jazz, my four favourite friends and high tea at pruniers. The most noteworthy morsel of the three tier ensemble was the scone, a delicate crust enveloped a warm moist centre, the strawberry and apricot jams were smooth and mellow, perfectly devoid of too much sugar and the cream....oh the cream...so delicately light and airy, flavoured by tiny flecks of vanilla bean. My pot of camomile tea was full of whole flowers, its calming properties contributing to the lovely lazy feel of the afternoon....

.....oh why do Sundays ever have to end.......

65 Ocean Street
high tea $25


Blogger jenjen said...

Oh I have always wanted to eat here. This post has just reminded me to put it back at the top of the list of places to eat at. Thanks!

7:37 pm  
Anonymous Joey said...

Oh Rabbit, no new entries! And just when i needed something to distract me from my uni work. My brain has been swirling with ideas for our Sunday feast, and at this stage homemade hamburgers are calling out to me...

9:46 am  

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