Friday, August 04, 2006

Rain rain stay for the day

I know I haven't written yet about anything I have cooked in my kitchen, I promise that blog entry isn't far off.....but Rabbit Tales is about more than just what is created by my hand. For now I simply want to write about today, it was beautiful.......keep in mind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Today the heavens opened and gushed with rain, heavy forceful rain, the sky was grey and foggy and the air icey cold. Sometimes such weather can pose a dilemma as to how and where I should spend my lunchbreak. I always make a point of leaving the office to get out and breathe some non-airconditioned air. Most days I can be found stretched out on the grass somewhere down at the Quay soaking up the sunshine reading, writing or people watching. So when is rains like it did today I am forced to revert to one of my 'wet weather options'.

1. Curl up into one of the cumffy armchairs in Customs House to read or write.

2. Walk up to Dymocks or down to the Ariel bookstore in the Rocks to read all the cookbooks I would love to buy.

3. If the human traffic on Pitt Street isn't too congested with umbrellas I will attempt to make it up to the David Jones Food Hall to wander around gazing at shelves and cabinets of fantastic things.

4. Tuck myself away in our boardroom with my favourite colleague and watch Oprah.....this is only after we look up the t.v. guide and check the program's content is worthy of devoting our precious non-work time to.

Today I headed off to the Ariel Bookstore and found myself drooling over the Arabesque cookbook, full of recipes from Lebanon, Turkey and Morocco, yum, yum, yum! After a few minutes I realised the shop was filling up with several tourists who also thought this would be a great place to escape the rain so I departed and decided to revert to another favourite pastime of mine......plonking myself down in a cosy cafe alone to enjoy a cup of coffee and write and people watch. I wandered into the Acacia B&B cafe, what a quiet little gem that place is, unobtrusive and discreet, you would hardly realise what was behind the front door when passing by it. While I warmed myself with a delicious skim cappucino I got the joy of watching 5 tables of people order and eat lunch, all seemed to be tourists so it was interesting to observe what they chose and how they ate it. What made this such a lovely experience for me was that not only did I have the good fortune of having the table right next to the heater, the cafe's atmosphere and the view out the window to a rainy grey sky instantly transported me back to my time in Ireland. Of the array of jobs I held during my time there one was located in a place called Salthill. I refused to stay in the shop during my lunchbreaks so if it was raining I would often retreat to a local cafe that was warm and inviting where I got to listen to the great selection of music they played. Today I felt like I was there again.
How wonderful it is that weather can make you feel so much.
Oh beautiful rain, stay for another day.


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